Superdrug PhytoDeluxe indulgent day and night cream*


I've been trialling some skincare from Superdrug which was created specially with the needs of 40+ skin in mind. It has ingredients which can be found in skincare products which cost more than £200. And even better - at the time of writing these products are 50% off at Superdrug and come in at £7.45 each!

At just £14.99 (at regular price) each these creams are cruelty free, have handy pump dispensers, and the day cream has SPF15 which is the minimum we should all use on our faces all year round to help avoid sun damage. These creams are a multi-pronged attack on the signs of facial ageing. Let's face it, we will ALL age eventually and we will all wrinkle but there are lots of things we can do to address other issues like dryness and lack of glow. I'll be the first person to say I don't understand the science behind a lot of skin care ingredients, but I do understand results. I've been using both creams for a month to get a feel for what they can do. The claims for these creams are visibly smoother, firmer and more luminous skin.

These PhytoDeluxe products contain platinum and black diamond truffle. Within the platinum is something called a terapeptide, which is an amino acid which basically tells the skin how to act, particularly with regards to the way it heals and rejuvenates itself. Black Diamond Truffle pampers mature skin while effectively counteracting the visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and lack of luminosity.

Indulgent day cream

The day cream absorbs quickly and isn't greasy, but your skin will feel moisturised to the touch when using this hard-working cream. I have no issues whatsoever applying makeup a few seconds after using it.

Indulgent night cream 

The night cream has the addition of shea butter to increase softness and suppleness. It's richer than the day cream, and as our skin does a lot of the work to renew itself at night a richer night cream is always warranted to help restore moisture. If you're a busy person with only time to take care of your skin once a day - make it the evening for the most effect.

So, what results did I see?

The biggest results I saw were in regards to evening out my skin tone. I've always been plagued by high red colour on my face and the most startling result (and one I didn't expect) was that my skintone became so much more even and I have less of a problem with redness now. My skin is also so luminous, slightly plumper and it has a little something I can't quantify - it just glows with health. I didn't really notice any major change to fine lines as I don't really have many - I seem to have gone straight into deep line territory! A question I always ask myself is when trialling new skin care is 'Does my skin look better after using this?' and yes it does. My skin was already in good condition when I started using these creams, and I still noticed a difference.

Glowing skin, no foundation

I've done nothing to my face other than my brows and eyes in the photo (my brows were recently plucked, hence the red marks). No foundation, no highlight, nada!

I would burn rubber getting to a Superdrug store or online to buy these at £7.45 each (as of 14/12/15) as they will give your skin a boost if you're 40 or older. Go, go, go!

Have you tried these creams?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

*Products supplied for review. Opinions are honest and my own.

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