ASOS Curve Floral Gem Crop Top

I bought this crop top last summer from ASOS Curve and I only recently got around to wearing it. It has diamonds and flowers printed on it, a couple of a girl's best friends. You might be able to pick one up on eBay. Actually, everything in this outfit is past season.

I still can't get enough of crop tops. The ASOS ones are a little too short for me - I'd prefer a little more length at the back to encompass my back squidge - but I've worn my skirt up a little higher to compensate.

I'm wearing:

Necklace, blog sale
Crop top, past season ASOS Curve
Skirt, past season Yours Clothing
Shoes, past season Very

The lipstick is Serpent by Makeup Revolution if anyone is interested.

If you want to wear crop tops but aren't comfortable doing so in public just yet, ease into it gently. Knot a t shirt at the front or side to expose just a hint of skin, or wear a kimono over the top of a proper crop top. I've been out wearing crop tops several times now, and trust me, no one bats an eyelid. And if someone did stare or say something, so what? It's a couple of inches of exposed flesh on a fat person. Anyone who's threatened or offended by that is a pillock, and who cares what pillocks think? I only care about the opinions of people I like. Everyone else can go sit on a cactus.

I've been trying to do different poses in my photos recently. I look like a fool in some of them but at least I have a good giggle when I look back through my photos. :) I've tried doing that arch-fashionista death stare down the lens (which some people do so well and look so glorious doing) but it feels wrong on me. My resting bitch face has too much bitch in it, lololol. I've also taken a few sets of outfit photos out and about recently and look forward to doing that more now the days are getting longer. I've seen more than enough of that wall unit behind me - I want to replace it with one of these, but there's no point doing it until we move. Spring will be here soon, and that'll mean more walks and more opportunities to take photos outside - and less of that wall unit. ;)

Have a great week.
Leah xoxo

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