If I could dress James for the day*

If you could dress your partner for the day, would you? If I dressed James for the day I'd be tempted put him in a pinny (and nothing else) and make him be my maid for the day!

When James and I first met he was a young 'un living with his mum and dad (he's almost 7 years younger than me) and his mum was buying most of his clothes. He dressed a lot more conservatively than he does now - he used to wear sports tops, jeans and trainers - and now he's evolved to band t shirts, jeans and boots. If I were to dress him up for the day this is the kind of thing I'd want him to wear.


He doesn't like slogan t-shirts but he does like one with motifs on, and this one from House of Fraser is great because of the skull as well as its musical theme, which is apt for James as he drums and plays guitar. He's been making music since he was at school and used to be in a band as well. His drum kit takes up half our spare room. Mind you my clothes take up more room than that so I can't really complain. :) Did you know House of Fraser have over 2,500 men's tops in stock at the time of writing? They have sizes XS-6XL and prices start at just a few pounds and go right through to designer.

I love New Rock boots and am on my second pair now. I wore my first ones to death for about 5 years until the buckles and metal fixtures were falling off and the heels were getting worn down. James has expressed an interest in getting some of his own, but they're not exactly cheap and he' rather spend his money on pc games. These ones are lovely. I've got the same ones in purple but can't really wear them any more as they weigh so much they pull my hips out of joint. Maybe I can live vicariously through James in future. :)
I love a man in combats, and these ones would go with anything.

Finally a bit of jewellery to finish the outfit off.
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So, how would you dress up our significant other? Have you let a partner (or child) dress you for the day?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

*This post was sponsored by House of Fraser.

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