Plus 40 Fabulous February

This month's subject is something that makes us excited or happy. Sometimes the fatigue of ME makes me feel like I have no passions, but a good energy day reminds me that's SO untrue. I have a lot of passions.

My family

I've always been quite close to my family but since my step dad had cancer I think we've pulled together even more. I've vowed to spend one weekend a month in my hometown and I really look forward to it. I had a great time there last month. I also get to see this monkey who is the light of my life (alongside my other niece, who'll be 3 in April). She's wearing my faux fur stole as a hat. :)


It goes without saying that husband face is one of my joys in life, even though he's a bone idle git when it comes to housework. ;) He has a cracking sense of humour and often does silly things to make me laugh like dancing around in his pants or putting his balls on my face when I'm not expecting it. (When would you expect balls in the face?!) What a treasure! He's fab when I have a migraine or need a nap - he tucks me in on the sofa and turns the lights down. He even taps away on the pc quietly when I'm napping. Awww, I love his face.

The people's eyebrow

My friends

I have loads of good people in my life, on and offline. My 2 Rachels (Canada Rach and hometown Rach), Mookie, old school friends I'm still in touch with, and loads of other lovely people on and off my computermabob. There are too many to mention and that means I'm blessed.

My blog

Of course this is a passion or I wouldn't still be doing it. I've met so many lovely people through blogging - both readers and other bloggers - and although at times the pressure of it makes me want to rip my hair out, I honestly can't imagine a life where I don't blog.


A day without music is a day wasted. I love music - it gives me oomph when I have none. I'm a rock/metal chick but I also love my female singers like Sia, Adele, Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding and Lissie. The last big gig I went to was Bullet For My Valentine and it was great.


I don't have any yet but when we move we're going to rescue a couple of cats. A good walk for me is when I get to stroke cats or dogs. Anyone who knows me well knows I adore animals and children. Most of what I post on Facebook is animal videos. I'm sure people probably think I have shit all to say about myself but at least they get I really like cute critters.


There's a lot of time not doing a lot (or not sleeping a lot) with chronic illness so TV is a big thing. The only soaps I watch are Eastenders and Home and Away, but I love a whole heap of shows. In the last few months I've devoured the Sopranos box set, 2 series of Broadchurch, Dark Matter (SO good!), all series of American Horror Story, Fortitude (it was brilliant!) and probably some more I've forgotten. I'm currently watching The Wire. My favourite show right now is Chicago Fire, with Chicago PD and Chicago Med coming up close. Next on the watchlist will be The X Files, Vikings when it's back, The Walking Dead, and in April, Game of Thrones.

When I feel up to it issues of equality, feminism and of course fat issues are my passions, but I need to be well to devote myself to them and that hasn't really been the case for months. Obviously the way women over 40 are seen is a passion of mine too, and I'm going to do my best to grow old disgracefully as my 2 fingers up to that notion. :)

What are your passions?

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