Yours Clothing Black Drape Pocket Sleeveless Dress

After buying the grey drape pocket dress by Yours Clothing and falling in love with it I checked the website daily for the black one to come into stock. It arrived and it's not the same dress as the grey one, alas. The fabric is a lot thinner, so it hangs lower (hence me layering a top under it) and it's a lot more stretchy. I needn't have sized up with this dress as it's plenty big already. I can barely reach the pockets as it hangs so low on me, but in summer I can wear it bare legged as it comes below my knees. Let's have some more photos, shall we?
These photos were taken in Penhurst near Battle on Saturday, a lovely little 'burb. There's not a whole lot there, but what there is is very pretty. Once the weather warms up some more I look forward to getting out and about a lot more at weekends.
Although the dress is quite thin I still like it a lot as I'm into flowing clothes in plain colours at the moment. Just be aware that it's a bit more revealing than the grey dress due to the fabric being thinner.

I'm wearing:

Yours Clothing Black Drape Pocket Sleeveless Dress
Stripey crop top, past Forever 21+
Biker, past season New Look
Leggings, Very
Bag, past season Peacocks
Hi tops, Everything 5 Pounds

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