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Hello loves,

Here's a super-casual outfit I wore when I stayed with my mum and step dad about a week ago.

I made a point of taking my camera and tripod with me when I stayed with my famalam because I have so little energy for outfit photos recently. Being woken up early in the am by my step dad stomping around when I stay there is a definite kick up the bum to get up no matter how crappy my sleep has been, and boy has it been crappy lately. I'm at my wits end. Someone send me drugs, lol. I haven't put makeup on or taken outfit photos in the last week, and all my recent outfit posts have been from a backlog I'd built up for crappy times just like these.

Everything I'm wearing is old again. I wore this dress on the blog about this time last year actually. It's faded quite a lot in the interim, as I've worn it other times as well.

I'm wearing:

Dress and belt, past season ASOS Curve
Leggings, Very
Shoes, past season Matalan - other pointed styles in stock at time of writing
Hobbit door necklace, Christmas present

Elasticated belts like the one I'm wearing are good in principle, but of course because they're stretchy they end up creeping up to your narrowest point, which on me is just under my boobs.

Have a nice relaxed Sunday.
Leah xoxo

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