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Hello lovelies,

Don't fall out of your chairs or anything, but I'm wearing a couple of new bits. I bought myself a comfy dress from Yours and I was sent some Wingz. I thought I'd try them with this dress and they look great.

So, the dress is sleeveless and Wingz are arm covers so you can wear sleeveless dresses/tops all year round. Here's a photo from the website so you can see how they fit under the bra. The sleeves are soft stretch lace and the part that goes under your bra is really stretchy and elasticated for a great fit. They come in sizes 0-3 and I'm wearing size 3, the biggest. They have loads of different designs with both fitted and baggy sleeves. I love the full length black lace ones too. I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these as I often wear a lace cardi in summer to cover my arms up but now I can wear these.

I shaved the side of my head the other day. I've had it done it before, but not for a long time. I love it and am tempted to do the other side! I also felt like doing some wild makeup, so I did. Sometimes I want to be all fairy princess in a pretty dress with pretty hair, and other times I want to be like Tank Girl in shit-kicking boots and ugly lipstick.

Here's a photo of the dress without the Wingz on.

Wingz have given me a lovely discount code for you. Use 'leah' for 25% off.

I'm wearing:

Stretch Lace Wingz 3/4 Length Sleeve Black - Wingz
Dark Grey Marl Drape Pocket Sleeveless Dress 
Boots, past season New Look
Necklace, eBay

The dress is so lovely, so comfortable. I realised at the tail end of last year that I had a surplus of pretty dresses and loads of things with prints on, but very little plain, comfy clothes. When I was at the worst of my depression last year I'd look at all the fancy clothes in my wardrobe and shut the door defeated. I had nothing to put on on days where I needed to be swaddled in functional, cosy clothes. This dress is one of those items. It also comes in black, and if it comes back into stock I'm going to get that too. If they brought it out in 10 colours I'd probably buy them all. In winter I can wear Wingz or a long sleeved cotton top underneath, and in summer I'll wear it easy breezy. It's slightly swing in style being much bigger around the hips than the bust (great for pear shapes) and I sized up to a 30/32 as I do love my oversized comfies.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

P.S. I'm having a new blog design installed soon, a much more minimalist one. You may even see it before I do, since I'm so nocturnal these days. Let me know what you think of it when it changes over.

*Item sent by Wingz. Opinions are honest and my own.

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