Outfit | Modcloth dress 2


This is another dress Mookie lent me and it's the cutest. She wore it at Plus North in 2014 and looked amazing in it.

Just about everything in this post is old or out of stock, which is probably a good thing as in 5 years of writing this blog I've accumulated over 6000 links here. Holy shit. I discovered this when I was checking my DA and PA the other day (metrics which quantify a blogger's influence) and it had them all tallied up. That's a whole load of links. Every month or so I go through and root out dead links, which is quite the job. Sometimes I spend aaaaages looking for similar things to out of stock items so I can assist people getting their shopping fix, but it depends how time poor I am at any given time. Does anyone click on similar item links, or are you less bothered about buying something similar to what I'm wearing? Because the less links I make, the less I have to maintain when they go dead. And with most items from fast fashion stores (most of the places I shop) items are in stock a very short time so 2 weeks after I write a post, the links could already be dead. I'm all about making life easier for myself this year.

When I wear a dress like this with so many colours in it, I pick out one to accentuate and wear accessories of the same colour. In this case it was the red, even though there isn't a lot of red in it. That reminds me, I need some red shoes in my life. ;)

This dress is much more lightweight than the other 3 Modcloth ones I have tried on, but it's just as well made. I was wowed from the first moment I tried a Modcloth dress on. Now I can see why everyone raves on about them!

I'm wearing:

Hairband, old, from clothes swap
Necklace, past New Look
Dress, Modcloth 2014
Cardi, past Yours Clothing
Leggings, Very
Shoes, past New Look similar here

I hope you had a good weekend? Mine was mostly great. I stayed with my mum and step dad from Thursday to Saturday, which was really lovely, but I became unwell while I was there. I did a lot of walking each day I was there and my legs and feet swelled up really badly from Thursday onward, so much so it was affecting my ability to bend my legs. They were like overstuffed sausages! I persevered around the shops every day though! ;) I met fellow blogger Abi on Friday and we had a lovely long Chinese lunch. By Saturday evening my legs were bright red, sore and hot, and a few people thought I might have cellulitis when I posted photos on Instagram and Twitter. My legs got better over Sunday, but I started to feel ill in other ways (headache, stomach ache, shakes, fever) and I'm probably coming down with the awful cold/flu thing James started to get on Saturday. Yesterday was spent on the sofa feeling totally spaced out, but hopefully I'll start to feel better soon.

How was your weekend? Have a great week!
Leah xoxo

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