How to comment on blogs through Disqus

Hello peaches!

As many of you are aware, I recently changed over my blog comment system from Intense Debate to Disqus. I did this because ID didn't accept anonymous comments, which sucked.

I wanted to let you know about the ways to comment as on my blog, and other people's blogs where Disqus is used to moderate comments.

1. You can comment as a GUEST.

Commenting as a guest is different than commenting with a registered Disqus account in two main ways:
  1. Neither a Disqus account nor a profile will be created using your credentials. This also means all benefits of having a registered account, such as being able to customize your avatar, settings, display name, and website address, are not included when commenting as a guest.
  2. Commenting as a guest also means you will not be subscribed to email notifications of new comments, including replies to your comments.
This is probably best for someone who comments on a blog and doesn't want or need to hear a reply, nor keep track of any comments they posted.

How to comment as a GUEST.

When commenting, simply disable (untick) the "Register with Disqus" check box as shown below. Your credentials will not be used to create a Disqus account or profile, nor will you receive any email notifications. 

 Ta da!


2. You can comment ANONYMOUSLY.

This is great for blog posts about a subject where you want to have your say and want to see who has replied to you, but don't want everybody to know who you are. There are dozens of reasons why you may want to comment anonymously, but bear in mind the blog writer will see your email address so don't be too inflammatory ;)
How to comment anonymously.

Just type Anonymous (or Anon) in the name field and your email, as shown below. Then you can comment and no one else will know who you are.


You can REGISTER with Disqus. 

This is probably the easiest thing to do if you comment on a lot of blogs as many bloggers use Disqus to keep track of their comments. There are loads of benefits to registering with Disqus. My favourite one as a reader is I get an email every time a blogger responds to my comments. It really encourages interaction and I love that.

See here for how to register as a commenter.

Once you’ve registered an account, you can customize your profile by uploading an avatar, adding biography information, entering a link to your site so people can find you, or setting a display name. You can manage all of this through your profile settings page once you're registered. 

Also, if you blog yourself once you've done this, you can later decide to install Disqus to moderate the comments on your own blog. It's fairly easy - it's what I did, in fact. I'd had a Disqus account for ages, purely for commenting on blogs, now I use it to handle my own blog comments.  

Once you've registered, it's easy as pie to comment on blogs who use Disqus.

How to comment as a registered user.

If you sign in through Disqus you'll see this pop up box:

Then once you've signed in you can comment away to your heart's content.


If you have any questions at all please comment here or tweet me @xloveleahx

I hope this will stop disappearing comments!

Many thanks for reading.