My Christmas presents

Hi lovelies,

I debated whether to do this post. I read someone's blog post yesterday (sorry, I can't remember whose post it was) where they likened Christmas present posts to car crashes - you know you shouldn't look but you do anyway. There are no extravagant items in the presents I received, but as this blog is my visual reminder of events/diary as well as a platform to share with you, I decided to post the blog anyway.

When you're a kid you think Christmas is all about the presents and being fussed over. It's not until you get older and start buying presents for others that you realise it should be a lot less one sided! I've always enjoyed giving presents, but I think this was the first year for me that my pleasure in giving totally overrode the pleasure of receiving. I've always enjoyed spoiling my mum and step dad as they don't have a lot of money, but this year I gave to everyone in the true spirit of giving with no thought of receiving at all. I've had a truly fantastic year and just wanted to spread a bit of happiness about.

Normally on Christmas Day I'd pull my presents out every couple of hours throughout the day to look at them - rather like a child would. This year I opened my gifts, said thank you, then didn't look at them again until we came home several days later, not out of ungratefulness, but because I was enjoying being with everyone so much. So often we have to be doing something when we're with our loved ones. Why not just be? I didn't need to focus on presents at all as I was happy just being there with my family. Obviously it's nice to receive gifts, I'd be lying if I said differently. But this year I gave to people who I knew wouldn't be buying for me and didn't care a jot, it made me happy to make them happy. I think I might have finally grown up! :)

My mum and step dad got me a slow cooker, which I'd asked for.

My mum knitted the Santa in the background.

This set smells DIVINE! Separate post coming up.

There's a family tradition of buying each other loads of toiletries.

This skull is one of my favourite presents.

My favourite perfume.

Moarrrr toiletries.

The highlighter coloured nail polishes came to me via Canada!

Cute gingerbread biscuits and choccies from Ireland.

Lovely hand knitted goodies.

Close up of cute bat.

Such a thoughtful gift!

A cute handbag pen, some socks and a sparkly scarf.

I bloody love the gingerbread man! I'm keeping him, he's way too cute to throw out. I've been really good - I haven't eaten either yet!

I was also given some money for Christmas which I spent on some sale clothes from Yours Clothing and ASOS Curve. I spent the rest on Famous Cosmetics, who I really rate. Their shimmer bricks (multi purpose products you can use as a highlighter/blusher/eye shadow) are supposed to be dupes for Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks and cost a fraction of the price. I have one already and it's excellent.

I also have a Superdrug voucher to spend next time I go to town, which I'll be spending on essentials like face wipes, moisturiser, etc. I'll definitely be picking up some XXL volumising dry shampoo by Batiste when I go to Superdrug as well. I used some at my aunt's house over Christmas and it really works. I was pleasantly surprised how much oomph it gives even my fine hair. I'll be sure to show you all my bits and bobs when they arrive/when I've been to Superdrug.

What was the favourite Christmas gift you gave or received?

It's cheesy, but the fave gifts I gave were the 3 small donations I made to animal charities. It wasn't a lot, but just knowing a few more animals had food in their bellies over Christmas made me feel good.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT - I left out presents from my friend Rach, which were a gorgeous bird make up bag from Boots, a gorgeous whitewashed heart-shaped photo frame and a lovely beret.