Really quick - blog comment change

Hiya loves!

Just a real quickie to let you know that I'm in the process of changing over my blog's commenting system from Intense Debate to Disqus for your comments. This is because Intense Debate has been really buggy lately and it doesn't support anonymous comments at ALL. Every time someone comments anonymously, my blog reverts back to the Blogger default for comments and all the Intense Debate comments disappear for a day or two, which makes it look like I'm deleting your comments. Noooo.

Because everyone's comments are so precious to me I've backed up your comments from Blogger itself and Intense Debate so none will be lost. I'm waiting on those files arriving and as soon as I get them I'll be installing Disqus, which DOES allow anonymous comments, as well as all the usual stuff like signing in through Facebook and Twitter (and your Disqus account if you have one.)

It will be much more user friendly once Disqus is installed. I'd never have installed Intense Debate in the first place if I knew it'd be such a ball ache for my readers. I want it to be easy for you to interact.

I should have the files through from Blogger within 24 hours and then Disqus will be a GO! Please bear with me in the meantime as the blog will temporarily revert to Blogger's clunky default comment system.