More resolutions - the fun stuff!

Hiya darls,

Often resolutions are about taking things away - eating less, spending less, yadda yadda yawn. I did a post a while ago with my aims for the year, which is here, but it's boring! I've been thinking since and wanted to add some fun stuff. These are the things I want to do more of this year.

1. Put a favourite song on and dance around the living room like a whirling dervish for five minutes a day. 

I've been doing it and it makes me feel fantastic. So throw some seriously hideous shapes, jump up and down (if your knees can take it), turn your arms into windmills, and even better - do it in front of a mirror. I guarantee no matter how down you feel, when you see yourself flinging your limbs about like a rag doll in a spin cycle, you will smile. You might even laugh. I know I did! You'll give your body and soul a boost, and if you've got the energy, dance on.

Dancing is joyful. You can't dance and be sad, you just can't.

2. Don't be daunted by anything. 

As soon as the little voice in your head starts to tell you you can't do something, tell it to shut up. My little voice is a negative little sod so I'm going to be telling it to shut up a LOT this year.

How do you know whether you can do something before you even try?

3. Remember little decisions have big consequences.

I don't mean fret about every tiny decision, micromanaging your life to the nth degree. I mean the opposite - take chances, say yes, realise when an opportunity is in front of you. Here's a prime example for you. 10 years ago, a friend of mine called Lawrence asked me if he could bring his friend James to my birthday drinks in London. He described James and I wasn't too keen, but I said yes anyway because to me, it's always a case of the more the merrier. I met James, and I still wasn't that keen at first, but it turns out he was all right after all. We ended the night with our tongues down each other's throats and got married last April.

You never know where your little choices will take you. Fly by the seat of your pants a little. Be open to fate, or whatever else you want to call it. Just be open.

4. Spend more time around nature and with animals.

Catching sunsets and sunrises, walks in the countryside and being with animals are all things which really soothe my soul. As plugged into the internet as I am, nothing makes me as happy as mooing back at cows.

5. Read more real news and less of who's shagging who.

As salacious as the gossip pages of magazines are, there's only so much time I have to cram things of worth into my brain. When reading about Kim Car-crash-ian and Kanye 'Imma let you finish' West's forthcoming offspring, I yawned so hard I nearly lost the back of my head over the sofa. I seriously couldn't give less of a shit about Kimye's baby if I'd been constipated from birth. I want to learn about the Egyptians, find out why Elvis liked fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and find out what makes serial killers tick, not find out which footballer some wannabe starlet is boffing.

6. I want to liven up my make up. 

I'm not sure what's caused it, but I've really toned down my make up in the last few years. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a few years older and not so fond of my face, or if becoming ill has stolen all my pizazz, or else I'm afraid the postie's going to catch me with only one eye done (ha!) but I have gone from Miss turquoise/purple/green (all at once) on my eyes to brown, brown and brown. I have sooooooo much make up, and I'm going to aim to do my make up every single day. I have enough of it. My to swatch/review pile weighs more than two toddlers. Seriously. Start bloody using it, wumman!

7. Do something that makes me feel amazing/special/pretty a day. 

This could be anything! For instance styling my hair differently, putting a pretty bow in my hair, doing my make up in a daring way, doing some nail art, having a pamper, carrying out a random act of kindness, hugging someone new, complimenting someone, doing a good deed, sending someone a present just because, helping an old lady reach something in the supermarket, smiling at a stranger in the street, petting a waggy-tailed dog, sending someone a note letting them know how much I appreciate them, saying I love you more and loving without caution and fear.

Our days have a tendency to race by, with little to distinguish one from another. I strongly feel this year I need to make each and every day count, and for me there's no better way to feel good than to do something for others as often as possible (with a little bit of being good to myself, too.) That's the kind of thing that gives me an inner glow. 2013 will be the year where I open up myself more than ever before to possibilities, to new people and new things. This will be a year where I tell caution to go eff itself and listen more to my heart, which wants to love with abandon. Only my head tells me to be wary of people and getting hurt. My heart is as big as the moon, my arms are soft and squishy for the best hugs and this year I want to spread a little love. Will you be joining me in a 2013 love-fest?

I think that's all for now.

What one thing do you want to do more of (or do differently) this year?

Thanks for reading.