Disappearing blog comments - PLEASE READ

Hello you, lovely people who comment on my blog.

I recently changed the blog moderator thingy for my blog to make it easier for more people to post. My old system didn't allow for anonymous comments, which was crap.

However, I'm still having the same problem with Disqus (my new comment moderator) as I was with Intense Debate (my old comment moderator) so I'm sorry for that.

The problem is some comments are bypassing Disqus and going through on the default Blogger comment system. Because I'm not using that system any more I can see your comments in my email (I get notifications) but they don't show up on the blog.

This may make it look like I'm deleting your comments but I'm certainly not. So Paulette and everyone else whose comments have bypassed Disqus and been eaten by Blogger, please know I've seen them and I'd love to reply but I can't.

So to get around this I'm writing a post to explain to everyone the 3 ways you can comment on my blog through Disqus.

These are
  1. Anonymously - you sign into Disqus but remain anonymous to everyone else, but you get notified of my replies.
  2. As a guest - you don't sign into Disqus and you don't get notified of my replies.
  3. As a registered Disqus user - then you can build a profile, but your link in, have an avatar, get notifications of all your replies etc etc. 

Please check back at about 7pm when the help blog goes live and hopefully that'll mean no more of your comments disappear into the Blogger ether!  

I appreciate every single comment and want to get this sorted ASAP.

Thanks for reading.