Aims for 2013

Hello all!

I've done a few posts since I've been back from my Christmas break. There was my year in review Jan-June here, my year in review July-Dec here and a fun blog tag about 2012 here.

Right, consider yourself caught up!

1. My main aim for 2013 is to get pregnant. Quick history lesson for new people to my blog - I've lost two babies, in 2003 and 2011, both ectopic pregnancies. I had one fallopian tube removed in 2011 when it burst and I also have a tilted uterus, which can make conceiving a bit tricky. I need to prepare for pregnancy by continuing the work I started in 2012 - yoga and healthy eating - as I want to be as fit and healthy as I can be (all existing health conditions taken into consideration) to be able to cope with motherhood. I started off well in 2012 with lots of healthy food and exercise, then re-invigorated myself midyear with yoga and clean eating but it kind of went to pot towards the end of the year.

2. I want to learn a new word a day. I think I've got a fairly good vocabulary but I'd like to improve on it.

3. I want to learn Swedish. I said this last year and did sod all about it. I have the Rosetta Stone CD. I just need to pull my finger out.

4. I want to do more for work my blog. I'm really bothered by the crap light we have in England for 9 months of the year so I'm going to build myself a light box and then at least product swatches are guaranteed all year round. For make up looks and clothing posts I can always rely on flash photography, but make up swatches with flash alone can be very misleading. Following on from that I want to create more content for the blog - more make up looks, more outfit posts, more swatches, more everything. Last year I made a concerted effort to be more me on my blog, and since no one has gone running downhill and jumped into the sea after seeing bits of my face and body I figure I'll carry on trying to be a little braver with my fashion and make up choices. I doubt anyone on their death bed wishes they'd done less of anything. More, more, more of everything!

5. Something fun, lastly. I don't want my aims to be all serious. In 2013 I want to have more orgasms! My anxiety/depression meds cause sexual disfunction. Without beating around the bush (pardon the pun!) it's much harder to achieve a state of bliss on my tablets. My husband is a very patient man, but sometimes we need to pull out the big guns....or should I say the vibrating guns ;)


I think where I have always failed with aims/resolutions before is I decide I want to do something, then just think it'll magically happen. This year I'm going to write down my aims, work out what I can do to help myself carry them out and most importantly of all, revisit my goals often. I'm going to write a mudderfugging manifesto!

OK kids and responsible adults, what's on your to do list for 2013?

Thanks for reading!