Lacura concealer pen review - great for older skin!

Hello lovelies!

I've tried many concealers with limited success. I vaguely remembered someone saying their Aldi concealer pen was as good as - if not better than - famed wonder concealer Touche Eclat, so naturally, my interest was piqued! When we dropped our friends off at their home near Aldi last weekend, we popped in for some bits. When I went to the make up section I saw their concealer was only £3.59. I was set to buy, and when a quick Google session on my phone revealed Aldi don't test finished products nor their ingredients on animals and haven't done since 1992 I went for it. Wunderbar!

Here's what they have to say about it on the Aldi website:

With the light-reflecting micro-pigments of the Lacura® Concealer Pen shadows, lines and fine wrinkles around the eyes are concealed, pigment disorders are covered and surface irregularities of the skin are balanced out. The complexion looks smoother and more radiant. The special "NMF" - Natural Moisurising Factor active agent complex, based on high quality ingredients like amino acid, urea and alantonin, reduces dark shadows around the eyes and keeps the sensitive skin in the eye area soft and supple and stops it from drying out. The product is long-lasting , smudge-proof and suitable for all skin types. The soft brush applicator enables a very precise application and the ideal amount can be released with the push button applicator.

Now naturally you might assume because it's from Aldi, and because it's cheap it'll be a bit, errr....shit. Thankfully that isn't the case!

The concealer is a click pen, just like YSL's Touche Eclat. If you buy one, don't be alarmed if you have to click the button on the bottom of the pen about 50 times to get the product to come through to the nib, it's totally normal. Once you've given yourself mild RSI getting the product to come to the nib, you only need about one click per eye, and it's a lovely full coverage thick cream without being heavy or cakey in any way.

Click photos for larger images.

I thought at first glance this shade would be too dark for me, as I'm several shades of Edward Cullen minus the glitter, but not so! It blends in beautifully. I got the lightest shade, Cashmere.

You can clearly see in the photo below the unconcealed eye has a purplish tinge to it whereas the other eye looks bright and fresh.

In the photo below I've concealed one eye and one half of my nose thickly so it photographed well, but you can see the massive reduction in redness on my nose and the lack of purple under the concealed eye.

Most importantly for me, the concealer didn't sit in the fine lines under my eyes, which tends to happen with most concealers I've tried. When that happens it makes my under eyes look more crepey, and deep horizontal lines appear which then makes me look old and tired. As an older lady, trying to find a concealer which wouldn't make me look 100 was a bit of a mission - until now. The concealer dries matte and doesn't smudge at all. It can also be used as an eyeshadow base so I'll be testing that soon.

I dare say this is my holy grail concealer and I'll be holding it to my ample bosom and rocking it like a baby! Next time I'm in Aldi I'll have a peek at some of their other make up offerings. And is it as good as Touche Eclat, in my opinion? YES, better! Touche Eclat does very little for me at all - I can barely notice a difference when using it.

What's your favourite concealer?

Thanks for reading!