Tutorial - How to leave your link in a comment

Hello loves!

Happy Friday!

Sometimes - when I remember - I leave a link to my blog in comments on other people's blogs, so people can check me out or remind themselves to avoid me, hahaha! I thought I'd share how to do it because it's an absolute doddle.

Here's my code. I have to show you this as a photo or else my blog will try to use the code.

There are two parts to this. The red part http://www.justmeleah.blogspot.co.uk is my blog address (link), so change the code to your blog address, including the http bit. This is the link people will be clicking on to go to your blog. If you're not sure what your blog address is, go to your blog homepage and look at the top left hand side of your screen below the toolbar and the address is there.

Then, change the purple 'Just me Leah' bit to the name of your blog. This is the name people will see at the bottom of the comment.

Make sure you leave all the speech marks and everything else in there as it is, or it won't work.

It looks like this:

My comment is in white and my link (the Just me Leah bit) is in purple. The colour the link comes out depends on the settings of the blog you're posting on.

Got any questions? Give me a yell. I'll help you out if you're stuck.

If you're going to use this tip, let me know in the comments. If you want to thank me, a tweet about it with a link to this blog would make my day.

Thanks for reading!

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