15 fun facts about my husband

Hello dolls!

I've seen everyone and their mother do facts posts about themselves recently (and of course, I'm always posting stuff about myself) but I haven't seen anyone do some fun facts about their significant other. So here I am!

  1. He is obsessed with computers. He had his first computer aged 3, works in IT, builds computers for fun then comes home and guess what?! He's straight back on the pc after we have tea. When we go to our friend's and families' houses, he usually ends up solving all their pc-related problems.
  2. He passed his driving test 10 years before he bought his first car.
  3. He looks so young without stubble. I asked him not to shave it all off for our wedding. He complied, like a good hubby should! ;)
  4. He plays drums and guitar.
  5. He moved from London to be with me.
  6. He's really close to his mum and Skype calls her 2-3 times a week. Awwwww.
  7. He likes cats, but not dogs.
  8. He has never had a hot drink.
  9. He has no tattoos, but I'm working on that ;)
  10. He hardly ever swears and rarely loses his temper.
  11. He was born on Christmas Day, his first 2 initials are JC and he has long hair. What can I say?!
  12. He loves Red Dwarf, the Aliens films and Star Trek.
  13. He's so optimistic it's ridiculous. 
  14. He has an impressive collection of band t-shirts.
  15. He has stockpiles in Bournville dark chocolate.
Feel free to tell me a few things about your significant other (if you have one.)

Thanks for peeping!

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