10 random things

Hiya pickles!

10 random things about me

1. If I wanted to cheer myself and I had to grab any one DVD, it’d probably be the first Fast and Furious film. I’m not sure why, I just love it.

2. I have a disgusting amount of make up, but it doesn’t stop me wanting more.

3. I take way too many photos. Not so many of people, but places and things.

4. Autoimmune illness has been kicking my arse for five loooong years.

5. Once we’re halfway through the year, I start to get excited about Christmas.

6. When I was a kid I wanted to be an author. Some day…

7. When I was a kid I was convinced I was adopted and used to check my birth certificate all the time. I have no idea why.

8. I’m hideously untidy. I have mad tidying sprees when someone is coming round.

9. I’m fascinated with true crime and what makes the criminally insane tick.

10. I love watching Reality TV - Hoarders, Emergency Bikers, hospital shows, etc. I find people (especially people who live outside the ‘norm’) fascinating.

Feel free to tell me a couple of things about yourself in the comments :)

Thanks for reading.

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