Grunger OOTD - a blast from the past

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I decided to do a retro-styled outfit today.

Let's take it back to about 1993. I was madly in love with Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone and Nirvana. I had no idea how to dress femininely at all (in fact I didn't until about 3 years ago!) so I lived in check shirts, leggings and cowboy boots. Kurt Cobain was still alive, I was working cleaning airplanes and was earning crazy money for a teenager, and life was good....well, good if you consider I'd just broken up with my boyfriend of 3 years.

I washed that man right out of my hair as the lyric goes...I even cut him out of it. If my scanner hadn't packed up I'd show you a photo of me with the shortest hair of my life. Anyhoo, onto today's photos! I've had this shirt for almost 20 years. It's shrunk somewhat in the wash over the years and it's got paint splashes on it from when I painted my office in my job-before-last, but I still love it.

 In the right hand photo I'm pointing out a bunch of pictures of Mother Love Bone, who I love.

Navel gazing.

What was your style like when you were a teen? If you're still a teen, ignore the question, hehe.

Thanks for reading!

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