Superdrug B Micellar Water review

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I bought the B Micellar Water from Superdrug a few weeks ago. I've been hearing about micellar waters for a year or so, but it's only been recently that a reasonably priced one has been launched.

What is micellar water? It cleanses without the need for toner and removes make up, even waterproof mascara. I can't speak for the properties of this micellar water for waterproof make up, as I don't wear it.

Here's what they say about it on the Superdrug website:

Quick and easy 3-in-1 cleanser that dissolves impurities in a single sweep, no water required. Ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive.

B. Pure with this 3-in-1 'super' water. Quick and effective yet extremely gentle.

  • Cleanses - Removes impurities and makeup.
  • Tones - Restores pH balance whilst keeping the skin supple.
  • Refreshes - with cucumber juice extract.
  • Ophthalmically approved.
  • Dermatologically approved.

  • It makes my skin feel really plump and youthful, and it doesn't dry my skin out, which is very rare indeed. I don't use it every day because it's £4.99 for 150ml and I've made quite a dent in it already, so to speak, but it's a lovely treat for my skin a few days a week.

    A word to the wise - if you have sensitive eyes like I do, make sure your eyes are firmly shut before you attempt to remove your eye make up or else it'll sting like hell! If there's a way for me to injure myself with a harmless product, you can rest assured I'll find it.

    The bottle is very rigid plastic, which does make getting it out a bit of a splashy affair (you can't really squeeze it out, rather you have to tip it up) and it leaves your skin REALLY sticky. You can get it from Superdrug stores and Superdrug online for £4.99.

    Have you tried micellar water? Had you heard of it before?

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