My valentine

Hello all!

This is husband-face, as I call him.

He's the king of silly faces, yet hates me capturing them.
He's my heavy bag carrier and loves chauffeuring me around.
He has better hair than me and eyelashes like a Jersey cow (the sod.)
He puts up with my shopping habits and complements me all the time.
He makes a lovely cup of tea and takes care of me.
He's really funny, but is shy about it so no one else gets to see it.
He laughs his head off when I'm ranting and loves it when I swear, the strange boy ;)
My family adore him, but not as much as I do.
It'll be 10 years together in April, and 1 year married.

Love you, husband face.

(He'll be a bit embarrassed when I tell him I've posted this, but he'll come round.)

Here's my favourite Valentine themed song.

I used to have a massive girl-crush on Carol Decker when I was a teenager. T'Pau's album Bridge of Spies was the first one I ever bought and I can still remember most of the words. God, I'm old!

Thanks for reading!

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