Birthday plans/birthday wishlist

Hello lovelies!

It's my birthday in about 6 weeks.

When it comes to planning things for myself I never suggest something which I actually want to do, I always think about what everyone else wants to do. I know, I'm an idiot! I have ridiculously low expectations of anyone wanting to do anything nice with me or for me. Take the year before last, when instead of asking to go to my favourite restaurant evuhhhhhh for my birthday, I picked a poor equivalent to it in our town because my actual favourite is in the next big town over and it's slightly expensive. We went to a crap restaurant because I was taking everyone else's money situation and travel hassles into account instead of saying what I wanted to do on my birthday. I need to expect more out of people, because they will act to the standard I expect of them. This year, I want more. Eff it! This year I want to go to my favourite restaurant and do something nice in the day. I demand satisfaction! (Simpsons geek!)


I'm also going to waft this blog in hubby's field of vision because these are my birthday wishlist items :) One of them would make me happy, more would make me delirious.

I've vowed life is too short not to wear bright lipstick (whether it suits me or not) so I really want these lippies from Sleek MakeUP.

I want to have my septum pierced because it's a subtle piercing. If there's a posh occasion you can flip it up inside your nostrils so no one can see. Genius!

I'd like to have another tattoo, well two actually - matching designs on my feet. I have a design in mind but I'm keeping it to myself ;)

What's on your wishlist?
What do you like to do on your birthday? 

Thanks for reading!

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