Batiste cherry dry shampoo

Hi lovelies!

I'm not sure if I've blogged about my love of Batiste dry shampoo before, but I've tried about half the products they do, so I'm a bit of a fan. The latest varieties I've tried have been the XXL volume one and this cherry scented one. The verdict's not in on the XXL yet because the first time I used it I found it really hard to wash out and it affected the condition of my hair the next day, so I will give it another whirl and then give it a proper review.

Up until a couple of years ago I only used dry shampoo sporadically, like when I went camping, but after I had my fallopian tube removed in 2011, I started to use it a lot as I couldn't get my leg over the bath to get into the shower for weeks. My mum washed my hair once a week in the 3 weeks she stayed with us, but because I couldn't bend over at all, more water went on the floor than on me ;) In the two years since then the Fibromyalgia and CFS has got worse, so much so now that washing my hair leaves me with serious pain in my arms, neck, shoulders and even sometimes in my head, so I wash my hair about twice a week and use dry shampoo the rest of the week.

I'm not sure this really smells of cherry, although it does definitely smell sweet and fruity without being sickly. One of the things I really like about dry shampoo is the smell lingers for quite a while, so if I've forgotten to put perfume on I still smell nice. I've noticed with all the varieties I've tried, they all give my hair a bit more body, which is a bonus!

I love cherry print, so the packaging is really up my alley and looks cheerful in my bathroom.

Do you ever use dry shampoo? What's your favourite one?

Thanks for reading.

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