I like fat books and I cannot lie

Hello mi' lovers! *Cornish accent*

Lovely Becky of Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat ran a giveaway recently where she was giving away some fat books - or books pertaining to fatness if you want to be all posh about it ;) - and I won! Cue a mad windmill round the living room like a duck with its wings on fire and some whooping and hollering before I calmed down.

Here are said fat books:

Fat!So? by Marilyn Wann
Wake Up, I'm Fat by Camryn Manheim
My Mad Fat Diary by Rae Earl

I've started reading Fat!So? and am a good 50+ pages in already. I love it.

I'll be reviewing all three books on the blog as I read each one.

Thanks so much Becky!

Have you ever read any books about fat acceptance, or any other empowering or self-help books? Care to share their titles with us?

Thanks for reading! Have a great week.

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