A cautionary tale about Google+ photos

Hello lovelies!

As many of you will know, I am in the process of replacing 1000 photos which are missing from my blog.

'How did this happen?!' you may be thinking. Well, what happened is really easy to do and very difficult to remedy, which is why I want to blog about it.

I recently upgraded my Android phone to another Android phone, changing networks for a better deal. Hubby the techno geek insisted rather than doing everything in the transfer manually, it'd be best to back up my texts, contacts, and everything else with a specialised app, which I bought from the Google Play store. I started the process, but I didn't have enough storage on my SD card to complete the back up. I'd already taken all my photos and videos I'd taken off my phone, so I was perplexed to see folders of photos on my phone that said 'Instant Upload'. Each album had 500 photos in it. I tried deleting them off my phone, but they wouldn't delete. You have to go to G+ to get rid of these photos from your phone (or at least that appears to be the case at the moment.)

At this point Techno Man came in with his dastardly cape and tights duo and decided to save the day. He went into my Google account and discovered said photos were linked to my Google+ account, which I don't use. I've never logged into it, never done a thing, so what harm could it do? Uh, a shitfuckton of harm, actually. Before I could say 'No, Techno Man, no!' and pull a damsel in distress face he'd deleted two folders containing 1000 photos.

Soon after I realised my blog was missing dozens and dozens of photos. After a quick look around it turned out there were photos missing from the present day right back to last June. This short video sums up my feelings on the subject:

Holy mother of procreation Techno Man, what do we do now?

Sob gently, sob gently.

This is the important bit. Blogger is a Google service. Whether you use a G+ account or not, your blog photos are uploaded to G+ and if you delete them from your G+ account they will also disappear from your Blogger blog. Dems the breaks, kiddo.

In trying to free a little room on my SD card, 7- 8 months of blog photos were wiped out. To coin a phrase, just like that. 

Now, I could probably have tried to appeal to the faceless giant in a bid to get my photos restored, but instead I did something more productive. I sat in the corner and headbutted the wall until my head looked like a dropped watermelon. Just kidding about the last bit.

Thus far I've replaced two and a half months of photos, so there's 'just' the rest to go. Please don't make the same mistake as I did. Leave yo' G+ photos well alone.

New concepts coming soon from Google - we control your thoughts and don't go to toilet without telling us. Thanks for reading!

Have you ever made a hideous faux pas?

Let me tell you about the time I single-handedly wiped millions of pounds off of Comet's P&L and caused an emergency board meeting...or perhaps I'll save that for my autobiography?!

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