My week in photos - including new hair cut!

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend. This afternoon finds me slightly hungover but very happy after a great night out last night celebrating my other mother's 50th*. Earlier in the week we celebrated my friend's 30th. I also got my new phone (HTC One) so it's been an amazing week!

Clockwise from top left -

New henna made my hair super shiny//JP's birthday card from me/balloons for his birthday//birthday cake//my new phone//menu in an awesome BBQ place in town//main course/starter. Main pic - Rach & JP (with his birthday girl badge I bought him - ha!)

Clockwise from top left -

The birthday girl Linda//Rach// JP//Rach & JP//James pretending to be a vicar//doesn't he make a pretty lady?!

 Here are some sneaky new hair pics for you.

I have a post coming up tomorrow with my outfit post from last night and lots moarrrrrrrrr hair photos too!

Thanks for reading! Have a great week. 

*Rach is going to Canada for a year from May, so her mum Linda has decided to adopt me for the year so we can go to lunch and other things together.

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