My nail polish collection - purples and lilacs

Hiya pickles!

You can find part 1 of my collection here and part 2 here.

You can click on all photos for larger images.

Nails Inc InStyle, Nails Inc Duke Street, MUA Frozen Yoghurt, Models Own Southern Lights, Barry M 313 Dusky Mauve.

 Front Cover Moonrock, Accessorize Magical Mocha, Front Cover Palevioletred, Star Gazer 123.

Sally Hansen Vigorous Violet, Technic purple nail art pen, Barry M 312 Indigo, Models Own Boogie Nights, 17 purple mini (from a set.)

W7 Metallic Mercury, W7 Metallic Venus, elf Dark Glitter Purple, Elf Party Purple.

Accessorize Purple Passion, elf Royal Purple, Nails Inc Duchess Street, Ruby & Millie Purple.

I think I have more purple and pink nail polish than any other colour - how about you? 

Thanks for reading!

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