VOLUP2 magazine by Velvet D'Amour

Hello my lovelies!

Plus size lovely Velvet D'Amour sent me an email yesterday asking for me to give her fab magazine VOLUP2 a mention. I've read the magazine before and it's fantastic. It's really inclusive - there have been models of all ages, ethnicities and abilities included in the editions I've read. The photography is beautiful and there's art, interviews, inspiring quotes and more. In this issue there's everything from a smoking hot latex feature, a hottie with lots of tattoos, to cute babies posing with handbags.

I don't think of it as a magazine. It's more than that, it's a visual feast! I skip through it all with indecent haste to look at all the photos then go back to savour it at my leisure.

If you want a little peek at the latest issue click here, and you can go to the website to read more about it here. I can't currently see how to pay for the full magazine, as I think the payment part is down at the moment, but do keep trying. (It says 'To continue purchase with Tinypass' then there's nothing to click on.)

I love Velvet's photography and would love to pose for her one day. Here are all her details:


Let me know if you've read the magazine before and what you think of it.
Are you interested to read it?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I haven't been paid for this feature.

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