My week/weekend in photos

Hello lovelies.

This week was the second week in a row hubby had been off work after he had his ingrown toenail removed, so by Friday I was really tired from a fortnight of running around after him. I needed a break from domesticity and needed someone to look after me, so we went to visit my family. Here are some photos from my week and weekend.

My cauliflower fascinator - do you think it'll catch on?//Lovely clouds//Fog hiding the sea//Being a poser

All of my family live in Kent, where I was born. We go back to visit my family (or hubby's) about every 6-8 weeks or so, but a weekend is never enough time to see everyone so we have to take it in turns to stay with different people each time we go. We've stayed with my aunt a few times in the last year or so since my dad moved in with her. My cousin Martin's little girl C stays with my aunt each weekend, so her dad stays over on the weekend too, so it's a right mad house. C loves me to bits and it's entirely mutual. When I stay there, I'm woken up in the mornings by her saying to my aunt and cousin 'Where's Leah? I want her, I want her! Can I wake her up?' She gets me to download games on my phone from the Play store which usually involve talking cats and princesses to be dressed up, then she plays on my phone all day, usually whilst hanging off my neck or bouncing up and down on my knees ;)

My cousin Martin's little girl C//Martin's delicious cupcakes//C and I//her missing teefs

Me, hubby, my mum, dad, step dad, aunt, my two cousins, C and my brother went to the Harvester for a meal last night. We tried to book a table but they said no need so when we got down there we had to wait 90 minutes for a table. It was standing room only by the bar and hot as hell so we went to sit outside under the heat lamps because it was fr-fr-fr-freezing. There was a cat out there (which was a bit random) and it climbed up on me so I gave it a good stroke. I adore cats. It bit my dad though, oops! My brother had to leave because one of his girlfriend's daughters was terribly ill (she's slightly better now, thankfully) so I didn't get any photos of him. Crap.

Me & C under the heat lamps at the Harvester//Us pulling pretty faces, ha//My mum and I//my cousin and C

My mum & step dad//mum and I looking naughty//C getting mock-strangled whilst chewing on a roll//my dad

Me in my Simply Be galaxy dress//father and daughter//ditto//mother and daughter

C likes carrying my bag for me//pretending to be dracula wearing my cardi as a cape//her bitchface when she got told 'Bed time!'//my dad snoring his arse off on the sofa as we watched Skyfall.

I always feel so happy when I've had a weekend with my family. I left home when I was 19 - half a lifetime ago - and have got so used to being without them that I kind of shut myself off to survive. I love being with them and look forward to being with them, but when I'm away I have to get on with things or else I'd be miserable all the time. The decisions we make at haste in our youth are sometimes the ones we repent at leisure as we get older. I couldn't wait to escape my home town when I was a teenager, and although I love living where I do, as long as one of my family lives and breathes in Kent, I'll keep pinging back like an elastic band.

Now hubby is recovered and back to work I can catch up on blog posts.

Have a great week!

Thanks for reading.

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