10 things I did this weekend

Hello sweet peas,

I hope you had a good weekend? I had a fantastic weekend full of lovely things and lovely people.

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1. We went to London to stay with my mother and father in law.

2. I taught our baby niece three new words On Friday evening - tattoo, bum-bum and ping. Very random, eh?

Tattoo, because she was stroking my arm tattoos, looking puzzled. So I said 'tattoo' twice and she looked at me questioningly and said 'Ta-oooo?' Ah, sooo cute! She's 19 months and at that stage where she repeats everything. She's so quick to learn. She needed her nappy changed so I carried her from the kitchen to the living room at my mother and father in law's house and said 'Daddy's gonna change your bum-bum!' And she repeated bum-bum. Hahaha. Then we were playing a game with my hair bands. I've got some of those gentle hair ties (like these) in hot pink and I had one on each wrist and I showed her they were stretchy by pulling them and saying 'Ping!' so she came over and pinged them lots of times and said ping each time, then she took them off my wrists and put them on hers, saying 'Piiiiing!' in her cute little baby voice. Such a simple thing kept her occupied for ages. Consider me melted.

3. I went to a blogger event in London with TK Maxx on Saturday and had a lovely afternoon tea with sandwiches and mini desserts, and even champagne! I saw lots of lovely blogger ladies I already knew and met some new people too, which was really nice. We were split into two groups so we didn't get to gossip with the other group much but it was so nice to spend some time with each other and be asked for our opinion on fashion by a company who really care and want to get it right.

4. I got to spend time with these beauts!

The beautiful Caroline from Curvy Wordy in her stunning Anna Scholz dress

The gorgeous Georgina from She Might Be Loved rocking the Scarlett and Jo, as am I!

These were the only ladies I got photos with as the other group finished earlier and left before us. Damn, I missed my bye-bye cuddles. Next time. :)

5. This cheeky scamp jumped in when Caroline was taking photos of me. He was game for a laugh, and it made me giggle!

We also got papped by an over-enthusiastic tourist when we were in Soho Square park who (I think) thought we were famous as we were being photographed by the TK Maxx team, but he was a bit annoying so Caroline went and took photos of HIM. It was so funny!

6. I got drenched to the skin on the way home from the blogger event. Even my boots were full of rain water. I wouldn't like to guess how many times I turned the air blue on the walk back to James's parents' place! I haven't had that much of a soaking in a long time.

7. I watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which was absolutely brilliant. I loved it, and may have shed the odd tear in a couple of places, sshhhh.

8. I had a cheeky vino without my bladder cramping up and throwing a hissy fit. Yay for small mercies. 

9. I had a looong Sunday lay in. Ahhhhh.

10. We popped to my aunt's quickly on the way home from London to see my dad, aunt, uncle, cousin and my other little niece, who's 9. So we had a weekend full of loveliness and have topped up the happiness bank to the brim.

The only thing I didn't do this weekend was one of the things I most wanted to, which was see the poppies at the Tower of London. I actually crossed over to the other side of the road to avoid the crowds, which were several people deep the whole way around the outside wall of the moat. The tube station at Tower Hill was like a scene from hell with wall to wall people and even a crushing crowd to get into the station as it was so busy. It's a wonder no one got injured. Note to self: don't attempt to see anything war related the weekend of Remembrance Sunday. ;)

What did you do this weekend?

When I go to stay with family I try to stay off social media as much as possible, so I came home and caught up with a gazillion emails and replied to all blog comments. Thanks for all the comments on my blog about New Look. It's become clear most plus size women have little or no options to shop in a physical store in their home town, whether here or abroad. It's really not good enough.

I have a few things to show you this week - some more winter tights, a lovely charm locket necklace, a dress from House of Fraser - but first I must get some shut eye!

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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