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Happy Wednesday (already!)

I'm wearing a couple of my summer favourites here in a cold weather appropriate way. I'm wearing the New Look Inspire jumpsuit and Simply Be duster coat I wore here. I've just put a jumper on over the top and added a hat to warm me up. It was about 13 degrees here today and quite windy and I was very toasty. When it gets colder still I'd add socks, boots and a chunky scarf. I always hold off wearing a big coat until I absolutely have to.

Skinny band felt floppy hat, ASOS £20
Duster coat, Simply Be
Jumper, past year's Sainsbury's
Bandeau jumpsuit, New Look Inspire £19.99
Necklace, birthday present from my friend Elaine
Shoes, from my Facebook friend Lauren

ASOS have a great range of felt hats which are great for this time of year. The one I have is also available in burgundy and camel.

Getting these photos was a bit of a pain as so many people stopped to stare at me. What's so revolutionary about a fat girl in front of a camera?! I was only there for about 15 minutes, but about 6 different people or groups of people stopped to stare as if I had 3 heads. I've gone out on my own a few times with my tripod to take photos but no one stared this much before. It won't put me off. I'll just go out earlier so there are less fools about. :)

How do you recycle your summer clothes for colder weather?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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