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Hello beauts!

A couple of weeks ago hubby and I went to visit our friends M&T in Wiltshire. We went to Avebury on the Saturday afternoon.

This tomb was lovely, and set aside in the graveyard of St James's Church behind gated railings. Although much of the text is illegible, I increased the contrast enough to see this is the tomb of Captain Leopold Christian Duncan Jenner, who was born in 1869 and died in 1953. There's a small Wikipedia entry about him here.

Below we have the baptismal font (which is late Saxon) and the carvings which are 12th century. The large piece of wood to the right is part of the original bell frame, dated 1636. Info from here.

 Avebury stone circle is a lovely walk on a sunny day. Avebury is a lovely little place with lots to see.

This week has been a hard one. I've felt so fatigued on all but one day this week. The dark and rain is really bringing me down and it's so hard to get out of bed. I've let the house slip - I've barely looked at the spare room in the last couple of months, for instance (It's James's domain) but this weekend we're going to blitz it to make it more homely for visitors when they stay.

I'm also really sad because I'm self-medicating with pretty things too much to try to cheer myself up, and thus am worried about how I'm going to pay for Christmas. I'm going to have another clothes clear out I think as James has a very 'bah humbug' attitude to Christmas (having his birthday on Christmas Day has both ruined Christmas and his birthday for him) and we always have friction at this time of year as I need money to pay for presents and he doesn't want me to bother.

So I feel really crap. About the only thing keeping me from falling off the edge is slapping on some make up and taking selfies, as if by looking good I can kid myself I feel good too. Sometimes it might seem like someone is big headed when they post a lot of selfies, but like me they might be doing it to mask some other crap going on.

I hope you've had a better week. Have a fab weekend!

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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