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Hello loves,

I have another Tee Fury purchase today, and another Lord of the Rings themed one, too. Tee Fury do a t shirt of the day every day (although it's actually two t shirts of the day, usually based on the same theme) and then they go off sale after a day and into a gallery. Forum members can vote their favourites back into sale. So it's very much a case of grab something on the day if you see it.

Of course when I saw another Lord of the Rings themed t shirt so soon after the other one I jumped in with both feet. With postage each t shirt costs from about £10 (depending on size) including postage. I've made 3 orders so far (2 orders for me and one for James) all separately and there have been no customs charges as it's under the threshold. Basically in the UK, anything you buy which comes from outside the EU could possibly cause customs charges if you spend £18 or more on the goods and postage. I've bought something right on the £18 limit before (£14 goods and £4 postage) and still got charged about £11 in fees so I always buy one shirt at a time to ensure there are no customs fees.

I call this one the Evans online mannequin. :D

The t shirts are really good thick cotton and wash well. As you can see I've slashed the neck on this tee but I haven't shortened the sleeves yet.

I've got a bee in my bonnet about novelty t shirts at the moment, as you can see. :) I've decided to embrace my alternative/nerdy side more on the blog. Everyone needs a niche, and fat-depressed-and-chronically-ill-blogger-with-a-shopping-habit isn't too catchy, so fat and alternative/nerdy will do. ;)

T shirt, Tee Fury
Skirt, past year's Primark
Shoes, past year's Evans
Lippie is MeMeMe lip cream in Persian Pink (one of the most moisturising lipsticks I own.)
And that bloody hair band on my wrist agaaaaaaaaainnnnn :O

Thanks for peeping!
Leah xoxo

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