My weekend and septum piercing

Hello sweet peas.

I hope you had a good weekend? We went to Wiltshire to stay with friends for Halloween and had a lovely time. We came back feeling really refreshed and happy.

On the way to Wiltshire we stopped off at Petworth in West Sussex which is a beautiful town with lovely architecture, oodles of antique shops and pretty little shops the size of shoe boxes with very tempting window displays. We've driven through several times in the past and made time to stop this time and I'm glad we did.

Of course we had a quick look around the church grounds, but we were short for time as we wanted to arrive at our friends' before dark (the headlights from oncoming cars in the dark give me migraines - another issue Fibromyalgia has bestowed upon me!)

Petworth is a rich town with a rich history. It has that air of wealth about it, and you can't help but fall over an antiques shop or two on every corner. I counted about 8 in our hour long visit, but I've just read there are about 30 overall. Petworth House lies in the heart of Petworth and there's an imposing wall bordering the property which keeps the poor from the rich and looms large over the town.

1736 is one of the oldest legible gravestones I've seen.

On Saturday we went to Avebury stone circle, and I'll talk about that another day to keep this post brief. After Avebury we went into Swindon and I got my septum pierced, something I've been thinking about for the last couple of years.

I've already been asked to do a post relating to the process and the healing so I will do an initial post in about a week and a later follow up. It's a bit sore but it's not the worse piercing I've had. (I've retired a navel piercing, nose piercing and ear cartilage piercing and the belly button was probably the worst of all 3 in healing time.)

I've got a big horseshoe in it at the moment to allow for swelling but can change it for a smaller piece of jewellery in about a month.

What did you get up to over Halloween?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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  1. Hi Leah, came across this Google searching for septum aftercare tips and it was really useful. Thanks for posting!