Thick winter tights from Big Bloomers Company*

Hello sweet peas!

Recently Laura from Big Bloomers Co sent me two pairs of thick winter tights to try out and share with you. I was kindly sent the All Woman 180 denier tights and the All Woman cotton (woolly feel) tights.

I tried the 180 denier ones first as they were the first ones I grabbed out of the parcel.


Before I start, both pairs of tights look like this before you put them on. The thigh room is magnificent in both pairs of tights. They are so stretchy just where I need it.

As you can see in the photo collage above, the tights are virtually opaque, even taking into account the flash I use to take photos. (I use flash as it slows my camera down and enables me to change poses without blurring the shots.) The upper portion of the tights (the darker section as worn in the photos above) is thicker than the material in the lower legs. This ensures there's very little chance of chub rub wearing the tights thin over time. As you can see in the top right shot you can barely see my knickers on under the tights so they would be totally blush free should your skirt or dress blow up in a wintry gale. The tights are incredibly soft, warm and touchable and have a waistband which is over an inch deep and is very comfortable. I could pull these tights up to just underneath my bra and there was ample room throughout every area as these tights fit hips up to 60". My hips are actually larger than that, but because these tights fit people of 6ft tall or more there's obviously more give in the thighs at my 5ft 5 and a half. The tights didn't fall down on me nor did they move about uncomfortably during wear, probably because you can't feel the seams at all. Rough seams ruin tights for me. These tights are utterly comfortable and are a total winner for me.

Onto the cotton (woolly feel) tights.


As I took the tights out of the packet they resembled the 180 denier ones closely up until the join in the legs, where the fabric changes to cotton ribbed tights. The upper part of the legs to the waistband is again as thick as the first pair, completely opaque and very stretchy. As to fit, these ones were a little lower in the crotch and did need pulling up a little more carefully (and a little more often) but that is to be expected as the ribbed cotton isn't as stretchy as the 180 denier tights. These tights fit up to a 64" hip. I could pull these tights past my waist, but not quite as high as the other pair - but it's a moot point as I don't need to wear them that high. As you can see in the bottom left photo, there's plenty of room left in the thigh. I would say it's entirely possible these tights would fit up to a 70 inch hip if someone were a similar height to me or shorter (I'm 5 ft 5 and a half.) There's the same deep, comfortable waistband and unobtrusive seams as the first pair of tights and again they're supremely warm. These tights do remind me of the ribbed tights I wore to school as a child, which pleases me as up until I started blogging I didn't think I'd ever find ribbed tights in my size.

When it comes to comparisons between the two it's incredibly difficult as they both have their merits. Because of the crotch slipping a little with the cotton feel tights I would say if I was having an active day I would err towards the 180 denier pair (I hate pulling my tights up in public - there's simply no way to do it gracefully!) and if I was looking to warm up at home I'd pick the cotton feel ones. There's no fighting and sweating to get into either pair of tights. In the past I felt like I was undertaking some kind of Krypton Factor challenge to shirk on a pair of tights with rough seams that move, legs that twisted uncomfortably (before I'd even pulled them up!) virtually cutting off my circulation, and the whole experience put me off tights for many years. Now there are choices out there, and this has rekindled my love affair for tights. I love the way they look, the way they feel and the way they keep me warm and toasty.

The 180 denier tights:

  • Fit hips to 90″ (225cms) in the larger size and 60" in the smaller size
  • 180 Denier
  • Extra long in the leg
  • Extra wide in the thigh
  • Made in Italy exclusively for us and available in sizes 22-32 UK (which I'm wearing here) and a size 32-42 UK in black.
The cotton woolly feel tights:

  • A very fluffy woolly soft feel
  • Fit hips to 64″ (162cms) size 24-34 UK
  • Flat seams and gusset
  • 60% cotton 32% polyamide and 8% elastin
  • Black only (for now)
Yes these tights are a little on the expensive side, but they're worth every bloody penny. The tights by Big Bloomers Co I reviewed last winter were worn over and over again and look as good as new except for a few bobbles on the feet where I've worn socks over the top.

Also check out Caroline Curvy Wordy's post, as she has some full body shots of the tights on and of course, you can see what she thinks about these two pairs of tights too.

Has this post made you excited about tights? Good tights are out there! ;)

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

*Items supplied by Big Bloomers Company. Opinions are honest and my own.

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