10 things I couldn't give a shit about

Hello flowers!

I'm pre menstrual and in the mood for some brutal honesty. Hold onto yer hats.

  1. Kissing the right arses. If I like a person or a company I'll say so and if I don't, likewise. I'm here to be honest (not have every company love me) and if my honesty about the lack of equality in plus size clothing pisses people off, GOOD. If they do something about it I'll shut up. ;)
  2. Bloggers who buy social media likes on Bloglovin' etc. Whatevs...
  3. Going outside in the cold. Bugger that! I'll be here, in my dressing gown, next to the radiator. 
  4. Washing my hair right now. Cold bathroom + water = eff off. I'll go back to every-other-day washing sometime next August.
  5. Shops putting 'Merry Christmas' signs up already. Do one. I like Christmas as much as the next elf but strictly from December 1st. Don't make me shank you. 
  6. Pedicuring my feet. Come next time they're out of boots (March) I'm gonna have hooves.
  7. Picking the crust off my septum piercing. How much can a hole weep? Actually, don't answer that.
  8. I'm a liability get me out of here....oops, my bad. I'm a CELEBRITY get me out of here. Celebrity?! *cough*. Anyone who volunteers to go on a show to chew on wriggling bugs is an eejit and I hope they get the shits for a month.
  9. High Street Chrismas shopping. Don't swear at me. I'd sooner have a Brazilian then roll around in a Scotch Bonnet puree. ALL OF THE SHOPPING SHALL BE DONE ON THE INNERNETZ. 
  10. Cooking. Why didn't I marry a chef?! Oh yeah, because he'd be out cooking for other people all day long. Someone come and make me all the foooooood.

What's sticking in your craw? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

P.S. I was deadly serious. I'm as premenstrual as all hell. 

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