Writer's Workshop #2 - Katie's Balloon

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Mama’s Losin’ It

I chose this writing prompt: Write a post that incorporates the word: balloon.

This is a piece of fiction which talks about the death of a child. Please do not read if you'll find it upsetting.


I was ushered in by a mortuary technician who nodded at me and left. I wondered if he'd had to practice his solemn face in the mirror and if being around death all the time depressed him. I would have carried on with this idle train of thought if I'd not been faced with the task at hand: saying goodbye my daughter. It's as if I exhaled then and would never quite be able to get my breath fully again. I would always be missing something I desperately needed to survive.

She looked as if she were sound asleep, but she was cold to the touch. I clasped her hand and rubbed it, as it felt so wrong for her to be so cold. I wanted to pick her up and cuddle her, make her warm again. I was grateful her face wasn't damaged. It struck me as absurd to be thankful for anything, but I was. I don't think I could've coped with seeing her beautiful face spoiled. She looked so at peace, just like she did when I sneaked in at night to kiss her forehead when she was sleeping.

The teaching assistant said she'd suddenly run into the road to catch a passing balloon. Before anyone could react there was a thud, a squeal of brakes and the sound of the driver vomiting onto the tarmac. They were walking back to the coach in a chain after a visit to a museum. There was a teacher at either end and classroom assistants at intervals the middle, but 6 year olds are a handful, and Katie was always so full of beans. There was nothing anyone could have done. I don't know if that made it better or worse.

I took comfort in knowing her end came swiftly. She didn't regain consciousness after the collision, and she had her favourite teacher holding her hand and talking to her as she drifted from one life to the next. I hope wherever she is she's forever chasing balloons. She always loved balloons. I know she's still with me - she sends me fluffy white feathers on an almost daily basis. She's trying out her angel wings.


Thanks for reading!

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