Wifely Duties

Hello you!

I want to talk about wifely duties today. No, not THOSE wifely duties. I'm always happy to do those, and it's never a duty. No, I mean IRONING!

I have long joked that ironing is against my religion, but I did make exceptions for weddings and funerals.

Since we've been hitched I've been looking at life from a more domesticated angle. One of the first things to start peeing me off was my husband ruining my attempts to have a coordinated home. We'd buy a couple of cushions for one of the sofas, and he'd swap one of the new ones with an old one from the bedroom so we'd have mismatched sets of cushions everywhere. (Obviously if it was the same sized cushion I'd just swap the covers so order was restored.) He's quite fond now of nicking pillows from the spare room when he can't get comfortable with his existing pillows. For example we have a cream set with black hearts in the spare room at the moment and leopard print bedding in our room. So we end up with a heart print pillow and a leopard print one side by side. It drives me batshit. I ended up buying about 10 plain pillow cases so when he goes on one of his midnight pillow-swapping raids he doesn't fuck up the order of things too much.

Now I have a thing about ironing. I see the perfectly matching bedding and think 'This would look so much nicer if it was ironed!' I eye up hubby's shirts (which I air dry as soon as they come out of the washing machine to make sure they're creaseless) and think 'They REALLY need an iron!'

I actually have 2 irons (which have mostly laid unused for years apart from the aforementioned weddings and funerals) but no ironing board. This is why I found myself looking at ironing boards just now, and holy fudge cake they're expensive these days - about £40 for a basic one. Blimey! Still, those sheets and pillow cases would look pretty damn good if they were ironed before they went on the bed.....

Do you iron? Have you ever found yourself suddenly wanting to be all wife-y (or husband-y - equal opportunities!) even if you're not married?

Thanks for reading.

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