I'm fat and I look fat sitting down

Hello flowers!

A while ago during psbloggerschat a lady called Lucy asked us plus size bloggers to post sitting down photos as she thought clothes didn't look so good on her sitting down. I think it's a great request. Some bloggers already had photos of them sitting down so tweeted them straight away. I didn't have any such photos, but I said yes. I took photos, then promptly forgot to post them, until now. My bad, sorry Lucy!

Here they are. Oh, there's a carrier bag behind me which looks like it's sprouting from my head. I bet you wish you were half as cool as me! :) 

Because these photos are so sexual, I've put catchy little captions on them, just in case I end up as thinspo.

The honest truth is everyone looks a bit different sitting down. We're virtually folded in half when we sit down, so there's going to be more flesh positioned in our middles. It's totally normal to think we look different/worse sitting down, or think these poses are 'unflattering' for us....this is what society has told us for years. It's time to turn that on its head.

We need to normalise our bodies. There are far more 'normal' bodies than there are 'perfect' bodies, but which of those is the media saturated with?! It's no wonder we feel so shit about ourselves when we aren't represented anywhere near enough in the media. It's not our fault. All bodies are good bodies - thin and fat and everything in between. Be they lined, wrinkled, freckled, scarred or stretch marked, they are beautiful normal bodies which come in all sizes, shapes and colours. Our bodies are worth more than the sum of our parts as judged by the media.

We need to take photos of ourselves in different positions and share them to show there is nothing wrong with the way a body moulds itself when we sit down, when we move. Most of us aren't set in stone, so parts of us will move about. This is totally normal. I refuse to go another day worrying about my body being in an 'unflattering' position when I sit down or move. Life is too short. Bodies are meant to be in motion. I'm not the Tin Man, and I'm sure you're not either.

If you have photos of yourself sitting down, or in any other 'unflattering' pose feel free to post links in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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