I thought I'd explain the radio silence. I'm not putting up as many blog posts as usual and I want to say why.

I'm anaemic - which is nothing new. It happens just about every month. That's what happens when you have ovarian cysts which are leaking blood into your body with each cycle. But this is so much worse than usual.

For about the last 10 days I haven't been able to get through the day without a long sleep on the sofa. It's ironic, because at night it usually takes me hours to get to sleep, but when this fatigue comes over me in the afternoon or early evening, I grab a blanket and hunker down on the sofa and I'm out for the count in 5 minutes flat. I'm so tired all the time and I have no enthusiasm for anything, even things I normally love.

It's hard to breathe, because my blood cells aren't carrying enough oxygenated blood around my body. I feel like a rag doll who's been put on a laundry cycle, had a fast spin and then been put through a mangle. I feel like a crumpled heap.

I can handle pain mentally. Even the really horrid stuff which wakes me up from my sleep. Take a few pills, wince and get on with it. But I can't deal with this level of fatigue mentally. At all. Hopefully this stuff - which arrived today - will turn everything around.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week.

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