Ladybird NOTD


I decided to do some simple nail art and thought I'd do ladybirds because they're so cute. 

This is no great shakes in the world of nail art, but it was very easy for a beginner like me to do. The dots are really imprecise as I couldn't find my dotting tools anywhere. I used nail art polish with a fine brush to place the dots, but it's much less fancy than I'd like. I will revisit this some time when I've located my dotting tools. Why is it every time I tidy up I lose things?!

Anyway, if you want to know how to do this it's super easy.

1. Paint nails red colour of your choice.
2. Allow to dry fully then paint a black line down the middle of your nail. If you want to be fancy, do a wedge shaped line so it looks like your ladybirds are about to take flight.
3. Paint a black section at the tip of your nail for the ladybird head.
4. Using white polish dot two eyes on the head.
5. Using black polish add spots all over the body.
6. If you want to add more detail, put a tiny black dot in each eye for extra fancy-shmance.
7. Add quick dry topcoat/spray, wave your hands around like they're on fire or put them in ice cold water to dry.
8. Sit back and bask in the glow of your own awesomeness. 

Do you like nail art? I follow waaaaaay too many nail polish blogs.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. I'll let you into a secret. Hubby got bit by a ladybird when he was a child. I didn't even know they could bite. Apparently he was poking it so he could study it (ever the scientific mind, even as a babe!) and it attacked him (his words!) Now every time he sees a ladybird he gives it side eyes. Bwahaha.

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