Chronic illness challenge day 9/10

Hi darls,

The thing about chronic illness is sometimes it tires you out too much to talk about it. It's been a while since I've posted on this subject, so here I go.

Day 9 - Have you ever tried any alternative remedies? If so, what? Did they work?

This is going to be a quick one. No, I haven't. But never say never! I quite like the idea of aromatherapy and massage therapy.

Day 10 - What little things make your life easier?

A good bed is essential, and something I'm very thankful to have. Laying in bed for a long time every day means I must have a good bed and mattress. A good quality feather pillow is another great asset to my bed. I toss and turn so much in the night and having a pillow I can bash into shape as I do so is heaven. (When I wake up the bed looks like I've been battling monsters.) I'm also thankful our sofas are like giant hugs. I can curl up on either of them and fall asleep quite contentedly, which is happening an awful lot at the moment!

Thanks for reading.

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