July 2013 in photos

Hello loves.

It's time for my monthly photo catch up. I took 300 Instagram photos in July. 300!! I have a serious problem.

Don't worry, I'm going to show you a tiny fraction of those.

Here are some things - my face, which needs no explanation - you see enough of that to recognise me by now, yes?! ;) Some sunsets, which I like to share as you can never get enough beautiful in your life. Some nature, because once a month I like to venture into the outdoors, where no computers exist. Some stuff I bought, because by the time I feature it on this blog, mah titties will be down to mah knees and I'll be playing keepy-up with 'em. Food, because this fat girl eats - shocker. Seagulls, because they're all I hear all day long, but despite wanting to shoot them when they start the dawn chorus at 4 am outside my bedroom window, when they're flying they're majestic. Guest stars this time include my husband, my dad and a Minion.

Feast your eyes.

Thanks for perusing! Ciao for now.

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