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As I was putting this outfit together it reminded me of Lisa's style, so I thought I'd give her a mention. She often ties things under her boobaloos. She has body positivity in spades - I've rarely known anyone so at one with themselves and it's bloody contagious.

I decided halfway through taking these shots that the leggings were surplus to requirements. My arse has taken on a life of its own in the shot below. CowaBUMga!

Denim shirt, Burtons circa 1994
Body con dress, New Look
Shoes, Asda
Bubble butt, my mama

This denim shirt is a thing. I've almost got friends younger than it! I bought it in Burtons (a men's store - I think all the best denim shirts come from men's shops!) about ooh, 19 years ago. It's gone threadbare in a couple of places and I can't button it up any more but I'm as in love with it now as I was the day I bought it. Prior to a month or so ago I hadn't worn it in a long time and I was worried I'd accidentally given it away. When I discovered it unloved at the bottom of my wardrobe in a box I was so happy. It reminds me of a very exciting time in my life.

I'd moved to Crawley from Kent with my dad and brother and we were all working cleaning aircraft at Gatwick. I had decent money in my pocket for the first time in my life, which of course I pissed away in various pubs. It was a real eye-opener of a time for me as I'd left behind most of my family, and my boyfriend. I discovered I was stronger than I'd previously given myself credit for. I worked hard and played harder and having my dad and brother there as well made it all the better. I have nothing but fond memories of this time in my life, and this shirt takes me back to it in a heartbeat. My 'uniform' if you will in those days was a pair of wide-legged navy crepe trousers which were the bomb (I've never found a pair of trousers so flattering since), a white vest top which showed off my boobs, and this shirt.

Do you ever form an emotional attachment to clothes?

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