Outside My Comfort Zone 14 - Stand Out

Hello cockles!

This fortnight's challenge was picked by Rachel from A Dress Is For Life.

She said: I'm going to go with stand out from the crowd, if you're fat you're told to blend it but let's stand out with pride :) whether it's bright colours, loud prints crazy hair it's up to you :)  

You may need your sunnies for this post as my very white legs await below!

As most of you will be aware, I'm a big fan of leggings as pants (or trousers as we call them in this fair land!) Today I decided to forego the leggings and get my milky white legs out in a very short dress.

I picked this cardi up for the princely sum of about £4.50 recently in a charity shop. I've wanted a pinky red cardi for ages and this is a heavyweight one which'll see me through autumn and winter.

The shot below left is one like I've never shown before, and not just because I have a face like a slapped arse. ;) The back of my legs are my next thing to learn to love. I've got huge upper legs. There's my knee and then boom - chunkers. These are strong legs which carry me about so I should love them. They are good legs which have lots of muscle under my squidge. Yet because society deems legs which look like chicken drumsticks not to be the norm I dislike them. Silly, isn't it?

Hair flower, New Look
Necklace, Punky Pins
Cardi, charity shop
Dress, New Look (from 2 pack - no longer on the website.)
Shoes, Rocket Dog

Do you ever give 2 fingers to the seemingly never-ending set of 'rules' women are meant to guide our lives by?

Thanks for reading!

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