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Hiya loves!

A few weeks ago the people at MUA sent me some new lines to try out and here are a few of the items. In this post I'll be talking about:

MUA wet look liquid eyeliner £2 (discontinued)
MUA Eye Define lengthening mascara £3
MUA power pout acrylic lip gloss in shade Unwrapped £3.50

I used to be paranoid about my ageing face and used to erase some 'imperfections' using Picmonkey. I use inverted commas around the word imperfect as anything which occurs in nature IS perfect. We all get spots, we all age, and we all have bits we're not happy with. But I no longer believe in hiding any aspect of my natural face so here's I am as is - spots, wrinkles, milia, fresh mascara splodges and all. Unless I have a blemish on my face big enough to have its own post code you'll see me exactly as I am in that moment. I think Photoshopping harms us all and gives us false ideas about how most people look, so I'm all for more real life representation of ageing faces, blemishes and all that jazz.

It started raining as I was taking photos so here's some natural wet look on the packaging!


This eyeliner does not budge. The longevity of it is such that you will need an oil based cleanser (or elbow grease) to remove it. It does have the wet look appearance without looking overly shiny and I think it's a nice change from uber matte liquid eyeliners. If you want an eyeliner which goes nowhere through the course of a day, this is the one for you.


This is a quite moist mascara which can transfer to upper and lower lids if you blink or sneeze within a short time of applying. Once less new it should be less wet, but even with the clean up required, this mascara is great. It really does lengthen (as well as thicken slightly) and one coat is ample for me. If you apply two coats you will go into Tammy Faye Bakker territory - Google Image her, I dare you! It does clump slightly so a lash comb is essential, but if your lashes are on the short side you should check this mascara out. If you want Benefit's They're Real on a MUA budget, this is for you. It does however give me a slight crispy lashes feel (like some waterproof mascaras do) so if that's a deal breaker, perhaps try another one of MUA's mascaras?


Unwrapped is a pink-leaning neutral which appears slightly coral on my naturally highly-pigmented lips. It's completely opaque in one application and is quite long lasting for a lip gloss on me. It's hard to give a definitive answer on how long something will last as our body chemistries and how much we eat/drink will vary, but on me with slight drinking it lasts a couple of hours. It smells amazing, although I can't put my finger on what of exactly. One very annoying Fibromyalgia symptom is the inability to distinguish scents any more! It smells slightly of vanilla and musk. I adore it and would gladly wear it if it were available as a perfume!

Here's some slight wear on the lipgloss after having a couple of drinks.


I'm a fan of MUA and have been since they came onto the scene 5 years ago, happily buying maaaany items. Some were misses, but many more were hits. 

Have you tried anything by MUA? If so, what's your favourite? I love their eyeshadow palettes and their £1 lipsticks. I have most of them. 

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

*Items sent by MUA and my opinions are honest and my own.

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