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Greetings earthlings,

I think I may have been abducted by aliens (hence the 'earthlings' greeting!) because I am actually seeking out YouTube videos to watch out of my own free will and everything! Up until now, I would only watch videos if I really loved you. Otherwise I'd have sooner stuck pins in my eyes.

Why the change? With the stress of late my concentration has disappeared, and I'm plagued by daily headaches since my asshat doctors took me off my daily migraine pills with no warning whatsoever. So blog reading and reading in general are things I'm doing less right now to save my eyes and brain. I guess as videos are so in your face (and can be paused at any time) the immediacy of them suits my current needs.

So who am I loving right now?

Belladelune has mad skills with a make up brush. If I tried to blend that lot I'd end up looking like I was 3 weeks into a zombie apocalypse.

Through that channel I found Bunny, who's VERY, VERY American, quite bananas and somehow endearing.

Aiko is adorable and I love the videos made by her dad of their lives in Japan.

Matt is one of those Tumble-famous people, but not a giant dick like some Tumblr-famous peeps. He's lost a huge amount of weight and is happy to share his thoughts on all things body posi.

Kaya is an alternative lady, and although I might look relatively vanilla, I was goth for many years and still love to feel a part of the subculture by watching videos by people like her. I think when I've reached a year of having my Crown and Glory subscription, I might swap it for a Spooky Box sub!

Who are you loving on Youtube? Any recommendations for me? My Youtube is here if you want to check it out. I intend to post a video a week from now on.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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