Outfit August 11/08 - fatkini part two

Hiya love bugs!

Here's part two of the fatkini photos. This is another two piece from Forever 21+, and this one is more tight fitting than the previous one I wore.

I was worried wearing these bottoms that the elastic would ping off and I'd suddenly be flashing the world. I think those side panels are at the limit of their stretch, but they managed to last a day while I sunned it up in the sun room, so maybe there's hope yet. ;) The top is much more supportive than the other bikini top I have from F21+, so I'm happy with that.  I'm wearing a 3X in both.

I'm wearing:

Bikini top £12
Bikini bottom £12
Plimsolls, New Look

I've since bought another pair of plain black bikini bottoms from ASOS Curve which are genuinely high waisted on me, which is no mean feat since my acres of arse and belly eat up fabric like no one's business. I can mix and max fatkini tops with black bottoms now. Yaaass!

You can also see ladies who are only taking part on social media by searching the #OutfitAugust2015 hashtag.

Have you taken the two piece plunge yet? I'm wearing my fatkini to the beach at a fat blogger beach day this weekend. I can't wait!

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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