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Hello pickles,

I'm a convert to jeans now I've found the Evans super stretch skinnies (I'd like them in allll the colours) and I've been asked to post this infographic about jeans by House of Fraser. It's NOT a sponsored post, I'm doing it out of the goodness of my ickle heart. If there's something in here that helps navigate the minefield that is buying jeans (and then how to style them) then brilliant.

I always used to wear wide legged jeans but I discovered recently that anything with a wide leg doesn't look good on me and makes me look shorter. I've put on weight over the years with chronic illness and I was wearing the same styles from years ago without realising they no longer suited me. Blogging and taking photos of myself has helped me so much. Now because my legs are short and quite wide I look square in wide legged things. I prefer tapered jeans and trousers as they make my legs look longer.

At the end of the post I'll talk my jeans history and all the styles I've worn through the years.

Now these are suggestions not orders so if any advice strikes you as useful then take it on board, otherwise carry on. For instance the only time I'm going to wear heels is if I have a doctor fetish, because within half an hour I would've broken my ankle, so I'm totally ignoring the advice about heels. Take what advice suits you, and leave the rest. There are some trends I want to try out of this infographic though - white jeans and ripped jeans, although I'm so clumsy white jeans won't stay white for long....I know this from prior experience. ;)

So, the first pair of jeans I remember having was when I was little and they had little heart shaped pockets on the bum. I remember growing out of them really quickly and being sad. I really loved those pockets! Then I don't really remember wearing jeans again until I was about 14 and bought a pair of loose jean dungarees off Hometown Rach's brother. Man, I lived in those things! (I  distinguish between my two good Rachel friends by calling them Hometown Rach and Canada Rach. HT Rach is my oldest friend - I've known her since I was about 5!)

Then I had a pair of jeans so frigging tight I had to wear my mum's panty girdle to get them on. Breathing was difficult! After that I got some wider legged jeans which I wore big turn ups on. I wore those when I was obsessed with Bros, hahaha. Around that time I DIY-ed some other jeans with scissors and a cheese grater. I even cut the clothes labels out of everything I owned and sewed them onto some other jeans. I thought I was the bees knees!

The last craze for white jeans was in the early 90s when I was 17 or 18 and my jeans stayed white for all of 3 weeks. Then I dyed them to cover up the stains. ;) In my 20s I had a bright red pair and a normal denim pair from C& that's going back a few years as we haven't had C&A in the UK for a long time. Then I remember an obsession with Etam Plus jeans in my late 20s until Etam stopped selling in the UK. I got through several pairs as I wore them until the thighs fell to pieces. I was a jeans and t shirt girl for my late 20s/early 30s as I had no idea what suited me at all back then.

Here's me in a pair of my beloved Etam jeans. I have no idea what happened to that t-shirt except it's no longer in my possession, I'm sad to say. :/ I'm guessing this photo is between 10 and 15 years old. Ironically it was taken in my now home town. At that time I never thought I might live here in the future. It's a funny ol' life. :) I was on a day trip with my mum, step dad and my friend Michelle. Hello Mich, if you're reading!

Fibromyalgia struck when I was about 33, and for years I didn't really wear jeans as rough denim fabrics really make my sensitive skin sore. This was exacerbated as I had to pull jeans up constantly - my hips are so big to get jeans over my bum they had to be massive in the waist. Of course now we have pear fit jeans and thank God for it, no more uncomfortable tight belts to stop my arse popping out of my jeans when I bend over. Hah.

How do you feel about jeans?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

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