MUA Power Pout Glaze in Enchant & Spellbound*

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I'm really into makeup again at the moment. I seem to veer between wanting to buy clothes and being obsessed with makeup and at the moment it's the latter. Here are a couple of lip glosses from MUA.

MUA Power Pout Glaze in Enchant and Spellbound review
MUA Power Pout Glaze is a medium-opacity lipgloss which smells like cookies to me. It's reasonably moisturising and is a little sticky, but not unbearable. I can't stand really gloopy lipgloss! Both of them have very subtle sparkle which you can't feel at all. I hate chunky glitter in lip products. The glosses have a twist and click system - twist the silver end of the gloss, and every time it clicks some gloss is dispensed onto a brush - see photo at the bottom of the post for a photo of the brush. You may have to twist the end 20 or so times on the first use to get the brush to load, but that's perfectly normal and only takes a click or two per subsequent application.

Enchant is a soft pink shade which shows up as a wash of colour on my lips. For more impact I would wear it over a darker pink lipstick. You could also wear it over lip liner worn all over the lips. MUA's lip liners are soft and creamy enough to wear all over your lips without dragging.

MUA Power Pout Glaze in Enchant review
Spellbound has more colour pay off and is my favourite of the two shades as it packs a punch.

MUA Power Pout Glaze in Spellbound review

Here's a photo so you can see the brush, and a little clue into the way I use photos as prompts to battle Fibromyalgia fog. Sometimes I take detailed notes as I do my swatches so I can write the posts up fully later, and other times I take photos of things as a memory prompt. The shot with the Pepsi can was to remind me that after drinking it all the lip gloss was half gone, so you will need to reapply after eating and drinking - standard for most lip glosses. Sometimes I'll hold one or two fingers up under an eye to remind me if I'm wearing one or two coats of mascara when I write my post up (I just crop them out of shot) and I usually order things for swatches in name or number order so I don't get the shades in a pickle afterwards - especially if they're similar shades. Of course there's no completely avoiding boo-boos when your brain is affected by chronic illness - like the few times I've put the same photo in a collage twice - but having a system makes me feel less daft some of the time! ;)

You can see another recent post about MUA from me here.

Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?

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*Items sent by MUA but my opinions are honest. I've been buying from MUA for 5 years and will continue to do so.

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